ABUS 787 BIG `Key Garage` Key Safe

The ABUS 787 BIG Key Garage shares the same footprint as the standard 787 however has a larger storage space and is a neat way to give shared access for the secure storage of keys and other small items. With a 4 digit combination lock, this model can hold up to 30 keys or 50 cards and features a removable hook for hanging bunches of keys. The 787 BIG has a solid metal housing and protective plastic cover and can be used both indoors and in protected outdoor areas for temporary storage of valuables or keys.


  • Clip-in hooks which can easily be taken out and provide a greater ease of use for the end consumer
  • Flat inner mechanism implies a larger storage space as well
  • Wall fixing system
  • 4 digit, individually resettable code
  • Solid metal housing and cover made of zinc die-cast
  • Protective cover with sliding mechanism