ABUS CASA30500 External Camera For Use With EYCASA System

The passive-infrared motion detector in the camera recognizes people who are moving within the surveillance area – even in the dark. The camera captures a movement, a message appears in the Eycasa main unit and the live picture appears on the monitor. In this way, you won’t miss anyone who is trying to gain access – even if there isn’t a bell (such as, on the terrace, delivery entrance). The Eycasa wireless door intercom system can be extended with up to 3 wireless outdoor cameras. Theses are connected to the main unit wirelessly and produce clear images day or night.


  • Wireless outdoor camera for extending an Eycasa system
  • Resolution: VGA, 640 x 480 pixels at 20 frames
  • Secure wireless transition
  • Wireless range of up to 30 metres to the main unit
  • Installation in unprotected outdoor area (IP55)
  • Maximum of 3 wireless cameras per Eycasa main unit