ADAMS RITE Shine Digital Glass Door Lock

The Adams Rite Shine.99 digital door lock is a stylish and robust access solution for glass door entrances, making it ideal for use in small to medium businesses and office. The clip style attachment makes for easy installation as no drilling is required. The magic mirror display only illuminates the keypad when touched. This sleek and stylish feature is not just for aesthetics, as the mirror surface allows users to check behind them first before keying in the code. To further protect your PIN from exposure, the Shine.99 digital lock also allows users to key in fake numbers before or after entering their PIN code. This unit is suitable for use on single glass door entrances with a thickness of 10-12mm. The optional strike accessory (BGShine.99) enables the Shine.99 digital door lock to be used on glass double doors and is available for purchase separately.


  • Magic mirror display means keypad is only displayed when touched
  • PIN code or RF key card access
  • Anti-tamper thumb turn
  • Robust and low profile modern design
  • Clip type bracket makes for easy installation with no drilling required
  • To prevent the PIN code from being exposed, the Digi Lock Shine.99 allows you to enter fake numbers before or after entering your PIN code