BORG LOCKS BL6100 Narrow Style Digital Lock With UPVC Extension

The Borg BL6100 narrow style digital lock has been specially designed as a retro-fit solution for UPVC and aluminium doors. This non-handed digital lock with a single column 8 button keypad incorporates a 325mm extension plate fitted behind the keypad and inside handle to make it suitable for use with 90 & 92mm centred locks. The unique patented double button press design allows users to program a digit twice in the code. With a clutched keypad handle to protect against forced entry and lock damage, the handle of the BL6100 offers no resistance until the correct code is entered.


  • 70° handle rotation is ideal for multi-point locks
  • Narrow housing suitable for UPVC & aluminium applications
  • 325mm extension plate
  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Suitable for use with 90mm & 92mm centre multi point locks
  • 195mm fixing centres