BRITON 2721BD Size 2-5 Cam Action Overhead Door Closer

The Briton 2700 series is a precision manufactured cam action, slide channel door closer, in a compact surface mount fixed unit. It provides expectational ease of use by reducing the resistance encountered when opening the door. This range is fully adjustable to EN 2-5 and is CE marked in all power sizes and applications for EN compliance. The Briton 2700 series of Cam Action Door Closers is fire tested to EN1634 standards on timber doors to achieve a 2 hour fire rating, and is covered by a 10 year warranty.


  • Adjustable power size EN 2-5
  • The mechanism provides a visual guide on the EN power level at which the closer has been adjusted
  • Adjustable Closing Power using the innovative 'FASTTM Power Adjust' mechanism at the end of the closer
  • Built in adjustable backcheck, delayed action and hold open functions
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