CARDEA Handle Fix 200mm Window Restrictor

The Handle Fixing Window Restrictor from Cardea is designed to restrict the opening of a window to a maximum of 20cm, helping to prevent the risk of falling and injury in line with HSE guidelines. Depending on how the restrictor is fitted, the opening can be adjusted to requirements, from a minimum of 8.9cm to a maximum of 20cm. They are suitable for use in both the home and the workplace and ideal for venues such as schools and care homes. It is easy to fit and suitable for use on all kinds of windows, including PVC, aluminium, wooden and metal constuctions.


  • Restricts window opening, helping to prevent falls
  • Adjustable restriction between 8.9cm – 20cm
  • Supplied with tamper proof screws
  • Stainless steel wire in a plastic coating
  • Suitable for both the home and the workplace
  • Cable length 200mm