CHAMELEON Adaptable Window Espag Rod – 16mm Faceplate

This espag rod is extremely versatile, it is supplied as a 16mm wide inline 1 metre strip with 4 mushrooms however each side can be cropped up to 4 times in 10cm increments. The centre case has an 8mm follower, 2 threaded holes and slides 20mm to the side which rotates the follower from square to diamond. The screw holes have plastic inserts which not only allow for tolerances when installing but act as pivot points to allow the locking mechanism to operate.


  • Mechanism is 1 metre long and 16mm wide
  • Can be cropped on either side in 10cm increments
  • Centre case can slide 20mm & rotates the follower 45º
  • Screw fixings have inserts which act as pivot points
  • 4 mushroom locking points
  • Threaded holes in centre case