CODELOCKS Kitlock Battery Operated Cabinet Lock Proximity KL1050

This Kitlock KL1050 by Codelocks gives keyfree and codeless access to cabinets, cupboards, lockers and other forms of storage. It is a long life product, giving up to 15,000 openings using just 2 AAA batteries. It comes supplied with all fixings and fitting instructions, and is easy to install and use. Additional features include the battery override, as well as LED indications and low battery warnings.


  • Digital keyless and codeless lock
  • Smartcard access
  • Supports up to 50 MIFARE Smartcards
  • Suitable for both private and public function
  • Using a 9V battery across the LED holders powers the unit in instances where batteries have run out
  • Supplied with all fittings, instructions and template