DORMAKABA TS73EMF Hold Open Door Closer

The Dorma TS73EMF is a combination of a hydraulic door closer and an electromagnetic hold-open unit. In conjunction with an alarm / smoke detection system, the TS 73 EMF can be used as a hold-open / free swing door closer for fire and smoke check doors. The hold-open of the door is performed under electro-magnetic control. In the event of a fire, the door is reliably closed by the integral hydraulic closer. The closing cycle is also initiated by manual door operation or automatically in the event of a power failure.


  • Rack-and-pinion door closer with scissor arm for hold-open applications
  • Can be used as a hold-open system for fire and smoke check doors
  • Electromagnetic hold-open possible between approx 75° and 180°
  • Universal solution for doors of differing designs & styles
  • Optimum adaptability thanks to adjustable latching action
  • Simple installation