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Residential Locksmith Wellingborough

At Rutherfords Locksmiths, we have a team of friendly and expert residential locksmiths in Wellingborough. If you want to protect your home, we can help. Every house’s security is reliant on its locks. If a lock is damaged or faulty, it can leave you at risk of possible burglaries. Our team can install high-quality locks and replace any broken locks, too.

Our Wellingborough residential locksmiths are not only experts in locks. They are specialists in all aspects of home security.. We will work alongside you to guarantee your property is secure and safe.

Because of our industry knowledge, our team can replace your locks with high-quality alternatives. At Rutherfords Locksmiths, we’re a Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) approved locksmiths. This means we provide a fast, affordable and high-quality service.


Rutherfords Residential Locksmiths Services

At Rutherfords Locksmiths, we’re a local locksmith in Wellingborough with over 60 years experience. While we’re based in Wellingborough, we travel all over the UK providing high-quality locksmith services. We offer a wide range of products from our retail shop in Wellingborough town centre. We also offer key cutting for properties and vehicles in store as well.


What We Offer

  • Shop in Wellingborough town centre and online store 
  • Key Cutters near you
  • MLA approved locksmith services
  • Offer a variety of security products online and instore such as padlocks and locks
  • Commercial locksmiths
  • Local locksmiths
  • UPVC lock replacement


Our team are some of the most experienced residential locksmiths in Northamptonshire. Whatever issue you have at your home, we can help. This includes 24-hour emergency locksmith services. We offer a quick and long-term solution to any issues with locks, safes, and home security.

If you’re locked out of your home, we can help you get back inside ASAP. Whatever the issue is, our team have the skills to fix it. From your key breaking in the lock or the locking mechanism is damaged, we can repair or replace the lock quickly and efficiently.

At Rutherford Locksmiths, our team believe the higher quality the lock, the more secure you will be. But home security is not only about locks on your windows and doors. To fully secure your home you need a range of residential access controls. These include CCTV, alarms, and video doorbell systems.


Residential Emergency Locksmith Wellingborough

Day or night, Rutherfords Locksmiths provide 24-hour locksmith support. If your home has been burgled, it’s vital to fix any damaged locks as soon as possible. Not only door locks but any damaged window locks, too. This will ensure you’re protected in the short term. But, because of our high-quality lock replacements, your safety will improve in the long term as well.

Emergency locksmiths can also help you if you’re locked out of your home. Any time and for any reason. Our team are available to help with emergency locksmith services. This will help you to regain access to your property as soon as possible.

The reason you may be locked out of your property could be a broken lock or a key that has broken in the lock. Less skilled locksmiths may break and damage a lock, door, or window. Our team are experts at accessing your property without causing any damage. Where necessary, we can also replace your keys and locks that cannot be repaired.


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