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UPVC Lock Replacement in Wellingborough

At Rutherfords Locksmiths, we offer high-quality UPVC lock replacements. This includes UPVC door locks and window locks. There is a wide range of locks available on the market. That’s why it’s difficult to find the right UPVC parts for your door or window. Our team can work with you to find the most secure and easy to use UPVC lock for you.


What is a UPVC Lock?

A UPVC lock is a multipoint door lock or window lock. UPVC is a type of plastic doors and windows can be built from. The letters stand for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. The material is a form of PVC that’s strong and not flexible. This makes it ideal for doors and windows.

A UPVC lock is a multipoint lock for a window or door. They are most popular to pair with UPVC composite doors. A UPVC door lock or window lock will have multiple locking points. The locks will lock and unlock simultaneously whenever you use the key.

The benefits of a UPVC door lock is it will lock at several points with the turn of a key. This is the same for window locks as well. UPVC locks will provide a higher level of home security than conventional locks. They’re becoming more and more popular in modern homes across the UK.


Lock Replacement For UPVC Doors

Like any lock, it’s crucial for your safety that it’s working properly. At Rutherfords Locksmiths, our team replace any UPVC locks quickly and conveniently. To ensure your lock is fixed correctly, it’s important to hire the experts. This way you guarantee that you’re UPVC locks are safe and secure.

High-quality home security is essential. But another important factor is accessibility. Some home security features that while effective can be time-consuming to lock and unlock every day. UPVC door locks offer multiple secure locks that are all locked at one point and with one key.

Whenever you need to repair a UPVC door lock mechanism, we can help. Our team have years of experience repairing faulty door locks. They also can replace any door locks that are broken beyond repair. We stock a wide range of UPVC door locks both online and in our shop. Our team can remove any broken locks at your home and install a high-quality replacement.


UPVC Window Locks

A UPVC window is a strong and durable option for any home. They use the same material as UPVC doors. The plastic is used for the window frame. This ensures your window is secure and you have complete home security.

UPVC window locks work in the same way as with doors. They use locks with several locking points within the same lock. This lock is opened and closed using one key at one point. If your window lock is broken and needs replacing, our team can help. To book a UPVC lock replacement, get in touch with our team today:


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